Blissful touch Body + Reflexology began from humble beginnings as a beautiful room specifically designed for Pregnancy and Postpartum Massages.  After our founder become a mommy, she furthered her knowledge in prenatal modalities within massage therapy, and made it her mission to cater and care for the delicate needs of mommies around the world.

This is a sacred and special time in your life, for you and your family. You deserve to be pampered. These services are great gifts to purchase for a baby shower gift or to make sure your loved one is taking the time to relax and unwind before her little bundle of joy arrives. 


$155/ 60 min  $205 / 90 min


Relax and Rejuvenate as your body embarks on this incredible journey of motherhood. A nurturing and deeply relaxing treatment offering wonderful benefits to expectant mommies. The tailored treatment helps to soothe muscular pains and discomfort associated with pregnancy and is a great treatment to help reduce swelling as it aids in increased blood and lymph flow.


$155/ 60 min  $205 / 90 min

Postpartum Massage is tailored to aid in re-balancing the body after pregnancy and childbirth. It can also help get rid of the 50% extra fluids your body collected during pregnancy. This will help to quickly reduce the edema often associated with pregnancy.This treatment has amazing benefits to new mommies  both physically and emotionally and helps them to regain strength and energy. Postpartum massage aids in the regulation of hormones, improves lactation and relieves any muscular aches and pains and can help with increasing breast milk and relieving the tired and aching arms, shoulders and back of a new mommy. 

add on treatments available:


$44 / 20 min

This treatment is tailored with additional proven massage techniques to help ease your restless legs during pregnancy. Includes a 20 minute foot/ leg scrub and then foot / leg soak in our rich magnesium bath soak.